1. these gender rolls taste disgusting

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  2. slopeology:

    all day, every day, every where. 


  3. how dare you make ice cream homophobic. OF ALL THE THINGS IN THE WORLD.


  4. fluxdeluxe:

    tip for nonbinaries: if you run right at the wall in between, you’ll get to Bathroom Nine and Three-Quarters

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  5. I wish when I was in girl scouts they had patches like these that I could earn for being honest with myself. 

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  6. YES. THIS. 100%.




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    trans people are everywhere, montana edition. 

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    Hi, my name is Sammy and I am a brother, a son, a lover, and a fighter. The pictures above are a photo series i’m working on that will span two years and document my changing appearance. In the first i’m a week on T, in the last i’m two months. Super excited to see how it turns out!

    I’m also fundraising for top surgery!

    Here is my tumblr.

    fuck yeah it’s me


  9. I remember the day I found my name… I was about 11 years old and when I heard it I thought, "that is my name, i know that is my name".

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  10. GO FUND ME!

    and help a brother out.