1. Using the correct pronouns is just as important when the person isnt there to hear it.


  2. refugerestrooms:

    REFUGE restrooms is now live on the web at http://www.refugerestrooms.org. It is viewable on any browser.

    REFUGE seeks to provide safe bathroom access for transgender, intersex, and other gender nonconformist individuals. A few months back the valuable safe2pee database stopped working. We present Refuge as a replacement. Starting with the existing database of listings from Safe2Pee, refuge makes the database easily searchable and mappable to allow folks to find the nearest safe restroom.

    This is very much in its alpha stage and had a lot of growing to do. I started learning how to code not that long ago so I’m still learning how I can make the app better and better. The app is open source so please contribute to the project on github @
    stay tuned both here and on twitter @refugerestrooms.

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  3. For those who weren’t taught by their fathers how to wear a suit.


  4. i love my family and their amazing support.


  5. Totally just received T in the mail for my first injection on Saturday…

    Opening it in front of my housemates I’m all…


    But on the inside I’m all like:




    Sammy Loper, co-creator of Slope & Lane is on their way to getting top surgery and could use your help!

    Get yourself a one of a kind, custom, hand made bow tie made by Sammy themselves straight outta Portland, OR.  Don’t leave your bow tie hangin’, fly even higher with a matching pocket square!

    SO many different colors and patterns to choose from, we promise to have just the thing you’re looking for. We’ll even include hand drawn instructions on how to tie the best bow tie.

    How do you get one?

    Just visit the etsy page here.


  7. just finished crafting a coming out letter to extended family…


  8. This trans couple documented their changing relationship & genders. Pretty cool photo project.


  9. letter from home.

    my fairy god sister wrote me the most honest, loving, perfect, amazing, and inspiring response letter ever. 

    "you are kind, brilliant, beautiful, handsome, & magic, those are your ingredients no matter what wrapper you are in!"


  10. THIS

    is so important

    (Source: fusion.net)